The Performance Activator

The Performance Activator℠ is arguably the best CEO training in the world. Through our proprietary techniques of natural cognitive enhancement you gain instant access to your most productive state, resetting yourself from the gritty grunt work of the daily grind – gracefully acting from the vantage point which grows the intended future of your company.


Life Habit Activator
Activate intentions that support you in all of your life's endeavours and breathe
to stabilize both positive and negative memories from birth to your current age in life.

1X per week, Monday
9:40am to 10:01 am EST

Performance LaunchPad
Goal-oriented creative session to generate inspiration and accountability for your week.

1X per week, Mondays
7:07am to 7:37am EST

Performance Habit Activator
Energizing mid-day boost to solidify your intentions for the day, and have
a level of awareness and presence which leaves you feeling replenished.

4X per week, Monday to Thursday
12:12pm to 12:42pm EST

Performance LandingPad
Check-in accountability and coaching structure to assist
you with staying on track to deliver on your results.

1X per week, Thursdays
7:07am to 7:37am EST

Intentional Future Design
Goal design and activation sessions: Design your goals & activate the potential
of your future Self, to give you the plan that will produce your results.

1x per month, last Friday of the month
11:30am to 1:00pm EST

Concentrated chunk of time and space in which we develop
the highest frequencies of emotional authenticity.

1x per Quarter, Saturday
7:07pm to 8:42pm EST