gray concrete building during daytime
gray concrete building during daytime

Our Technology

The Activated Breath™ technology is, technically speaking, a programming language for the human brain. The technology is based on Neuroscience and the science of brainwaves. Through exact breath sequences that are performed by the adept, the brain is trained to activate the all-integrative and all-adaptive brainwave known as Gamma.

Gamma is the energy used by the human body to operate itself, generate new abilities and activate higher functions. It enables the human brain to proactively develop the capabilities available within those higher functions, and revitalize a human being into dynamic equilibrium.

The techniques necessary to apply this technology are simple to learn, and can provide the adept multiple benefits in their day-to-day living. The application of the techniques trains the brain to harness the power of your brainwaves, automating the processing of experiences through a complex system that clears the mind of congestion and disorganization. The combination of these benefits results in having the capability to engineer your core internal programming.

The benefit of applying the Activated Breath™ technology consistently gives the adept direct access into peace of mind, increased physical-somatic awareness, and new life into their uniquely genuine way of being.

At present, the system has 2048 unique sequences that will be made available to paying members of our community through the BreathBank™.