Join our team

Are you interested in being a part of an extraordinary team of people?

We are super friendly, accepting with a growth mindset. This means we will accept you as you are, and encourage you to go much farther.

You will have an opportunity to be a leader within any role in Breath Activators. Whether it is leading the breath, or leading a team, or leading yourself to ever greater heights.

At present we are looking for interns to join our team in the following roles:

1. Online Community Curator
2. Experiential Brand Designer
3. Social Influence Ambassador
4. Outreach Sales Adept
5. Research & Delivery Specialist
6. Human Development Coach
7. Financial Management Associate
8. Business Operations Expert
9. Affiliate Partnership Developer
10. Project Flow Co-Ordinator
11. Strategic Design Consultant
12. Innovative NFT Ninja
13. Digital 3D Artist
14. Motion Graphics Guru
15. Creative Coding Connoisseur
16. Personnel Onboarding Steward

After submitting your Application select applicants will be contacted for their interactive interview.